Why can I not sign into Weavr?

After opening the Weavr app, you'll be prompted to enter your email address. An email will be sent that includes a sign-in link. Clicking the sign-in link will complete the sign-in process and give you access to the community.

Note: you can only sign into Weavr if you own a community (admin), or you're invited into a community (member). If you're not part of any community, then you won't receive a signin link.

Phone screenshot of Signin Link

I'm not receiving a signin link

  • Are you a part of/invited into an existing community yet? If not, you won't receive a sign-in link.
  • Are you using the correct email address? Please use the email address associated with your community profile.
  • Yes, we know this is an obvious one; have you checked your spam folder? Happens to the best of us!

My signin link doesn't work

  • Make sure you are using the sign-in link from the most recent email.
  • Click to send a brand new link from within Weavr.
  • If you are still having issues, please send us a message at support@weavr.app.

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