Health & Metrics

Admins will have access to a Health & Metrics page that shows them a quick overview of how their community has been adopting the Weavr app.

Phone screenshot of Health & Metrics


You'll find the following metrics on your Health & Metrics page:

  • Total - total number of members invited into your community, including those that haven't accepted the invite yet
  • Installed - total number of members that accepted Weavr's Terms of Service, which indicates they accessed Weavr at least once from their mobile phone or from their desktop
  • Installed % - percentage of Installed (members installed Weavr app) divided by Total (members invited)
  • Updated Profile - number of active members that updated their profile (does this include people that have only been invited, but have not signed in yet??)
  • Added a Relationship - number of members that added at least one relationship to their profile
  • Created a Prompt - number of members that created at least one manual weaving prompt


This section ranks your community members by Most Engaged and Least Engaged. Now you can praise the community members that are most engaged, and give a gentle nudge to those that are less engaged.

We calculate Engagement as a function of post engagement: if there are 10 posts in a Weavr community, and a given user has responded or replied to all 10 of them, they're considered 100% engaged.

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